10 Ways To Use Facebook To Quit Your Job

Forget the boring letter – telling your boss you want out has gone social

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You’ve decided that it’s time to leave your job, but you don’t want to do it the old fashioned way of giving verbal or written notice in person, so how about using Facebook? Facebook gives you a number of options, some direct and some indirect. Here are ten ways to use Facebook to quit or get yourself fired, which is, after all, just a less direct way of quitting.

  1. Post on your company’s Wall. Here’s an easy and direct method of quitting. Just go to your company’s or your supervisor’s Facebook page, and post “I quit!” on the wall.
  2. Facebook messaging. Another direct method is to send your boss a resignation notice by Facebook messaging, if he or she is on your friends list.
  3. Post notice on your Wall. You can post your notice of resignation, or the fact that you’re quitting immediately, on your own wall. Now, all you have to do is to wait for your boss to find it, or for someone else in the company to pass along the information.
  4. Company logo with a note. This one is a bit more subtle, but still effective, though it may take longer for your boss to know about it. Post a picture of the company’s logo on your wall, along with a note that says; “This is the company that I used to work for.” Eventually, word will get to the right person that you’ve left the company.
  5. Mention your new job. If you’re leaving because you’ve found a new job, you can post the new company’s logo on your wall with a note that says; “This is the company that I’m now going to work for.” Again, the news that you’re gone will eventually reach your old boss.

Those are all fine methods of using Facebook to quit your job, and they may give the satisfaction of not doing it in person, but they’re not as much fun as the five indirect methods below.

  1. Things you hate about the company. You could leave a post that lists all the things that you hate about the company that you work for on their Facebook wall. This is nearly guaranteed to get you fired, but if your company is more tolerant than you thought and just gives you a warning, you can always fall back on one of the more direct methods above.
  2. About your boss. This can be done on your own Facebook wall, on the company’s wall, or on your boss’s wall. A simple note that says your boss is a rotten so-and-so, or a list of character flaws and some of his or her more unsavoury personal hygiene issues will likely be sufficient.
  3. Pictures of yourself. You could take a picture of yourself making really rude gestures at a picture of your boss or the company CEO, and post it on one of the Facebook walls mentioned above. This may require a post saying something along the lines of “This is what I think of YOU” to go along with the picture, in order to be completely effective.
  4. Your storied past. You may consider posting on your Facebook wall about some of the grand times you had “back in the day” before you quit your partying ways, and maybe even hint that you haven’t completely given up those partying ways. This is especially effective if you mention having done some of the partying on your company expense account.
  5. Compliment your company’s competitors. This one may take several attempts before it gets you noticed and fired, unless you really go over the top and mention how much better those companies and their products are than yours. Another, more subtle variation on this theme, is to post your compliments on the competitor’s Facebook wall, and wait for someone from your company to notice.

There you are, ten easy methods to use Facebook to quit your job. Of course, using Facebook this way is not likely to be good for your later efforts to find work in other companies. Word does get around, you know.


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