10 Ways To Use Twitter To Quit Your Job

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The title of this article could be taken to mean two different things. I couldmain refer to using Twitter to communicate your resignation from your job or it could refer to using Twitter to financially enable you to quit your job. Since Twitter truly could be used in either of these ways, we’ll provide you with answers that address both scenarios.

Using Twitter to resign

  1. Resignation tweet – This is the straight forward approach. Simply tweet your resignation to your current employer.  Very short and to the point, a tweet leaves no room for stumbling over your words.
  2. New job tweet – Announce that you will be starting a new job. This is a more subtle approach, but should still convey your intent quite clearly. Be sure to include the date of your last day at the current employer in your 140 characters.
  3. Song tweet – For a more creative approach, you might want to provide a link to a YouTube video for songs like: “Take This Job and Shove It” or something with a similar message.
  4. YouTube tweet – You could also record your resignation speech on video and post it on YouTube. Use bit.ly to shrink down the URL and tweet it on over to your boss. An example of this was posted in this AMAZINGLY creative whiteboard resignation on YouTube
  5. Job vacancy tweet – This would be a ‘hope you get the hint’ type of tweet. Simply tweet the fact that your current job position at the company will be vacant as of a certain date. Don’t put that date too far in the future though. Your company may decide not to keep you very long after receiving that notice.

Using Twitter to gain a new source of income

  1. Get paid to tweet. That may sound a bit simple, but it is a reality. There are people who are being paid to create and post tweets for other people who don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves. Do you really think the celebrities do their own tweeting? I doubt it. Marketing companies and website designers are a couple of the sources for tweeting jobs.
  2. Drive traffic to your website – If you have information, products or services that you can sell through your own website. You might consider using Twitter to help drive traffic to your website and increase your income so that you can be self-employed.
  3. Find a new job through Twitter – Twitter is all about making connections with like-minded people. It is a great networking tool. Start looking for that dream job with a company that has representation on Twitter. Make some connections and find that new job.
  4. Promote your services – Your Twitter profile combines with the subject matter of your tweets to demonstrate what your interests are. This is a great way for someone to indirectly promote their services to a large new group of people and bring in the income necessary to quit your job.
  5. Teach tweeting – This may sound silly to you, but many people have no clue as to what Twitter is about or how to use it to their advantage. ‘Teaching’ could mean writing a book about it, doing marketing seminars and selling subscriptions to a newsletter. Become the expert of Twitter and leave that desk job behind.

Whether it is simply communicating your intentions to quit your job or finding a financial means that allows you to quit your job, Twitter can play a role. It just takes a little creativity and the ability to say something in less than 140 characters.

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