11 Reasons Why You Could Get Unfollowed On Twitter

There are numerous advantages to having a great following on twitter but once you have a following you need to keep it!625x350

Here are 11 reasons why you could get unfollowed and 11 tips how not to!

1. Too many tweets.


By all means tweet but don’t flood your follower’s timeline with a constant stream of ramblings.

Tip: If you have lots to say, spread it out using an app that lets you schedule your tweets evenly. www.hootsuite.com is my preferred choice


2. Not enough tweets.

Erm this might sound simple but if you don’t tweet, what’s the point in following you?

Tip: Make sure you tweet at the very least once per week. That’s the default setting for lots of twitter ‘unfollow’ clean-up tools on the market.


3. Don’t be boring.

Hello (said in geeky voice), I’m at the bus stop. Congrats on making it to the bus stop but do we really want to know that?

Tip: Put yourself in your follower’s shoes and think, what would I like like to see? Try to combine some personality (your opinions) with value (a link to a great article). Pictures are good too, but make sure they aren’t of your newly painted fence!


4. Don’t swear!

You might be p*ssed off at the time but not everyone else is and the last thing they expect to see is a blue twitter stream

Tip: By all means express yourself but mask it with a **** or two so we can work it out for ourselves


5. Be Original.

We all love tweeps (twitter people) who RT (retweet) other tweeps tweets but at least try to come out with your own stuff too

Tip: Do an advanced search on google, selecting (for e.g.) blog posts in the last week that relate to something you’re followed for. In my case it might be an article about marketing jobs on the rise. Capture the url, shorten it and tweet it out to your grateful followers.


6. Don’t be fake or keep it real at least!

So you met the Queen, shot a movie and then turned on the Christmas lights in London. C’mon, did you really?

Tip: If you did something special that your followers are not going to believe, grab a photo or add some facts that make it real.


7. Don’t tweet about your products and services all the time.

Buy this, buy that or you can make $$$$ if you do X

Tip: If you’re on twitter to sell you need to be original, exciting, of value and gain trust. The last point most of all.


8. Don’t [keep] tweeting about how great you are.

RT @marklennox: I’m the best writer in all the land!

Tip: No one likes a bragger so be modest and make sure that you save your self-promotions for ones that count i.e. winning an award for e.g.


9. Don’t keep repeating yourself, repeating yourself, repeating yourself

Yes we know it’s important but if you keep saying it, your followers will lose interest

Tip: If you need to repeat, then dress it up with an ‘in case you missed it’ or ‘did you see’. Make sure you repeat at different times of the day too.


10. Make sure you follow back.

Ok you can’t follow everyone (and may not want to) but beware that the unfollow tools will highlight you as an ‘unfollower’ and they will unfollow you!

Tip: Use an autofollow such as the free one on http://www.socialoomph.com/. Basically when someone follows you, this service will automatically follow them back to save you having to do this. Make sure you unfollow those that don’t fall in line with these guidelines though!


11. Don’t be bitchy!

Aghhh I hate xfactor it’s a pile of ****! Ok you might hate it and you could win a few followers if you get ‘retweeted’ if there are a few sympathisers out there. Chances are though you’ll just lose followers.

Tip: Express yourself but be aware of when you might be going against the grain. And if you’re going to do it, try to make it worth reteeting so combat some of the lost followers.

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Written by Mark Lennox, follow me on twitter @MarkLennox

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