4 Reasons Why Cake In The Office Is Never A Bad Thing

Cake in the office

In January we ran a delicious little campaign called #thecakeseries to help jobseekers feel motivated to make their next move, and it went down an absolute treat! Recently, we stumbled across an article on the HR Grapevine which dares to even suggest that cake should be BANNED from the office. We shuddered in disbelief that a notion like this was even a consideration in the World. Who would dream of saying such a thing? To show our support for cake (something we’ve had a longstanding relationship with here at OMJ) we thought we’d share our top 4 reasons why cake in the office should be an essential.


It encourages the production of endorphins

In the same way that you may encourage staff to use the gym regularly for the mental health benefits, cake can also have an incredibly positive impact. As exercise and meditation can increase our happiness, certain foods can have a profound effect on our mood too; cake being one of these foods. It’s not just the fact that cake tastes unreal (a good cake anyway), but a chemical reaction occurs in the brain when we eat sugar. This then triggers the release of endorphins and dopamine which produce the feeling of excitement.  


It helps to foster a close-knit team environment

Cake has many magical powers, and one of those magical powers is the power of human bonding. If someone bakes a cake and brings it into the office kitchen in the morning, you’re not going to ignore them are you? You’re not going to stand there thinking to yourself, ‘why does she have a cake with her today? Did she bake this herself? Do you think she’ll let me have a slice? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?’ No. You’re not going to run through all of this in your head, not before you’ve tripped over your words in anticipation about the prospect of this new cake situation. It’s also a brilliant way to bring teams together. Cakes are generally made for sharing; you eat a slice and you damn well enjoy it. Let’s all be friends and eat each other’s cakes and live happily ever after.


They are aesthetically pleasing

What a wonderful sight to behold for visitors to the office. Nothing says ‘welcome’ like a cake or two. Why do you think coffee shops are so inviting? It’s not the coffee that makes you want to sit in there (well, okay, maybe it is a little bit to do with the coffee.) Some of the most infamous coffee shops in the World are only popular because of the cakes that adorn their windows. It’s like meetings where your clients provide doughnuts. You’re always left with a great impression, even if the deal isn’t going to work out, they provided sweet treats so you're all friends now.


They are a brilliant icebreaker

What better way to get people chatting than a chocolate fudge cake in the middle of the boardroom table? Meetings can be far too stuffy. Add a little cake into the mix and everyone is instantly a bit friendlier and you’ll find that conversations will flow far easier. Even if someone doesn’t have a sweet tooth, a cake is an extravagant item that requires discussion, far more than say, a plate of biscuits.


The disclaimer

We do not encourage the binge-eating of cakes. Everything in moderation is our thing so exercise some caution when it comes to sweet treats. It’s important to exhibit control around cakes because all good things come to an end and you don’t want it to all end in tears. Apart from this, just enjoy them. Soak up the benefits and live life in the office to the full. After all, you spend such a large chunk of life within the confines of your workplace, you might as well make the most out of it.

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