5 Reasons To Work For A Charity

work for a charity

Are you dreading going into work everyday? Do you feel dissatisfied, as if your job is void of all purpose? Maybe it's time for a new job in an organisation which is built upon the foundations of making an impact and driving change. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider a move into the charity sector. The differences between working for a not-for-profit and working in the private sector can be stark, and you might find that you have a natural affinity for one or the other. We want to bring you our top 5 reasons why you should consider a charity job as your next major career move: 


A true sense of fulfillment

There are a wide range of reasons why people choose to work for a charity. Many people go to work for a charity because they’ve got a vested interested in helping out in that particular area. It makes them feel as though they are giving something back, whether they’ve been directly affected by the cause or whether they’re just personally very passionate about it. One huge pull-factor towards working for a charity is the overwhelming sense that you’re really making a difference. Your job is so much more than the 9-5; it has a strong overarching sense of morality and the will to do good tends to be very prevalent throughout the organisation. Your role doesn't exist purely to make your CEO lots of money. 


A chance to gain significant experience

Working for a charity can be a great opportunity for you to develop, not only in your chosen career path but also in other areas. Charities value all-rounders, so the opportunities you'll have to move around internally are vast. If you're used to working for a start-up where the lines between roles are blurred, you may benefit from having a little more structure and this is something that the charity sector can provide. 


An opportunity to meet a wide range of people

Generally, charities employ a different type of person to the private sector, and often, each individual has an interesting story to tell. Whether they’ve been through a significant life event that has lead them to their current role or whether they craved an exit from the private sector for whatever reason, there's always an interesting conversation to be had.  


A chance to think differently about your life

It’s easy to get caught up in this whirlwind of climbing the career ladder as quickly as possible, for as much reward as possible, but how happy and fulfilled are you really? Have you even had a chance to stop and breathe to even consider this? The charity sector could provide you with a fresh start and an opportunity to reshape your career. Our priorities are likely to shift multiple times during our lifetimes. A role that was right for us at 21 might not be the role that's right for us at 45. 


A wider range of benefits

Whilst charities generally pay above-average salaries, pay bands can be quite strict so you might not experience an increase as quickly as you would in the private sector. Charities really care about their people. Expect a number of other life-enhancing benefits such as rewarding pension and maternity schemes, flexible working arrangements and a generous holiday allowance. 


These are just 5 points to consider, which is nothing when you actually think about the full range of benefits to be had from a role in the charity sector. Here at OnlyMarketingJobs we benefit from partnerships with a number of household name charities in the UK, as well as a wide selection of smaller niche organisations. We have plenty of charity marketing jobs across several disciplines and we are confident we will have something on our site to spark your interest. If there's nothing at the moment, don't forget to sign up for job alerts and be the first to know when your perfect new role comes in! 

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