5 Tips For SEO Success


Everyone with a business that has an online presence desires search ranking success. Organic search traffic is a strong indicator of business growth. We have compiled 5 SIMPLE SEO tips to help you get a better understanding of SEO and hopefully help grow your SERPs ranking in the process!

1.Manage your data

Internal data can be invaluable if you’re looking to improve your ranking in the SERPs. Have you been struggling to find and select decent keywords?  Check out what your visitors are typing into your search bar. This often opens the door to keyword heaven! One of the main reasons the search bar on your site is often used, tends to be because the information your users want to see is not immediately apparent. How to use these keywords to your advantage? Create some engaging content! Not only does this impress site visitors, but it satiates the search engines!

Chill out

SEO can be pretty confusing. Particularly when you take into account the number of Google updates which have been rolled out from Panda & Penguin to the PBN! Try not to worry about it too much. Marketers everywhere are all in the same boat as you are right now.  SEO is complex. Spend less time trying to figure out all of its hidden secrets and focus on delivering a first class user experience instead.

Concentrate on usability

 This should be a priority for any business with an online presence. Of course, content is key, but you want to make sure that your website is simple and uncomplicated for users to browse. There is nothing worse than stumbling across a headache-inducing website. The kind you open up then IMMEDIATELY click out of because you just can’t quite cope. A good place to start where usability is concerned is by making sure your website is mobile-friendly! It’s no secret that mobile is a hot topic at the moment, with over half of searches in the US being conducted through mobile devices. GET ON IT!

Fresh Content

When people use the internet for research, they aren’t looking for articles written in The Stone Age. What they are hunting for, is up-to-date information. Users search the internet for material that is accurate, usable and relevant. Content that is fresh and recent is becoming increasingly important where Google’s search algorithm is concerned. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why. Keep it FRESH.

Personalise your keywords

As the internet has evolved, users have become more loyal to their needs than they are to brands. Ranking relatively highly with a vague search term such as ‘Cat Breeder’ is fine if you are looking for a bit of an ego boost in the world of SERPs, but it won’t bring you the business you’re looking for. Ranking top with a more specific search term which is in tune with the needs of your potential customers, such as ‘Ragdoll Kitten Breeder’ will generate more relevant leads.   

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you are an SEO expert, looking for your next move, take a look at our SEO/Digital roles here

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