5 Ways To Effectively Promote Yourself On LinkedIn

5 ways to effectively promote yourself on LinkedInLinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social media networks, connecting over 100 million professionals across a wide range of careers.  This provides an ideal platform through which you can promote yourself. Follow these 5 steps to promote yourself as effectively as possible and elevate your online professional status.

1. Appear as a person, not an employee

Firstly, it is crucial your profile appears as impressive as possible, in order to capture the attention of prestigious potential employers.  When you register with LinkedIn, use your own personal email address rather than the email address of your current place of employment, in order to avoid complications if you later leave that job.

2. Make an impact

Secondly, allocate yourself a specific professional title which details your specific location and industry.  This will grant you a clear and bold personal statement, to effectively promote yourself and your business intentions.  Once you have filled out the remainder of your basic information and professional history, you should aim to join relevant groups as soon as possible.  Within these groups you can contribute to discussions regarding your business ideas or career motivations, thus attracting attention from prospective employers whilst also gathering information or receiving recommendations.  To affiliate yourself with these relevant groups, search the ‘Groups’ section for terms associated with your avenue of business.

Once you are a member of these groups, aim to contribute to discussions concerning topics in which you are knowledgeable and therefore can make valuable contributions. For example, if you are pursuing a career in marketing, you can converse with companies such as Realia Marketing about their upcoming projects, thereby ingratiating yourself with their business and increasing your chances of gaining employment or simply a viable business contact.

By interacting with other professionals on a discussion in which you can exhibit business expertise and keen insight, you are promoting yourself to employers and consolidating lucrative professional relationships.  For marketers, check out the Top 10 Most Popular Groups on LinkedIn.

3. Promote your LinkedIn profile

Additionally, you can promote yourself on Google in order to increase the popularity of your LinkedIn profile.  By selecting a unique URL for your professional website, your site will rank more highly on Google and be brought to the attention of prospective employers.  To do this, go onto your ‘Public Profile’ and select ‘edit’.  Your URL could be your full name, your location or specific job title; anything which can be linked back to you and raise your online status.  As a result, prospective employers will be able access your professional website via LinkedIn and thus seek your services more effectively.

4. Watch who is viewing your profile

Another valuable facet of LinkedIn is your ability to monitor who has been viewing your profile.  You can access this information by selecting ‘Who’s viewed my profile?’ on the right hand side of the ‘Home’ page.  Subsequently, you can analyse what type of professionals have been viewing your profile and therefore you can tailor your site to suit them.  This function enables you to promote yourself more efficiently to certain professionals, improving your chances of forging a viable business relationship in the future.

5. LinkedIn is a valuable resource

Ultimately, LinkedIn provides a vital online resource for you to promote yourself and your business intentions.  It enables you to develop sustainable business relationships with potential clients or partners, as well as for scoping out potential competition.  In today’s ever increasingly technological business climate, it is vital you are able to effectively promote yourself through online social networking.  If you execute preemptive measures early on in your career, you drastically increase your chances of establishing a powerful online presence, and thus securing significantly valuable professional connections.  You can modify your LinkedIn profile according to which industry or employer you are currently pursuing, enabling you to connect with professionals who can help you advance throughout your chosen profession and establish a successful career.

This is a guest post, uniquely written by freelance writer George Campbell

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