A Pancake A Day Keeps The Job Search Away

Pancake day 2

Happy Pancake Day 2018 to all of you wonderful jobseekers out there. Now, you may be planning some sort of pancake situation for dinner tonight or, indeed, for dessert. We thought we'd get in the spirit and see how pancakes can truly enrich our lives in the workplace. Truthfully, they can't. Well okay, they might make you happy for an hour, and possibly a bit fatter if you ate them every day. They also contain the word 'cake' and nothing bad ever came from anything to do with the word 'cake'. What a pancake can do today though is work as the backdrop to a few little tips we have on increasing your happiness at work. You might be looking for a new job and having no luck at all, but the problem might be with you and not your current role. Check out our advice and see if you can start implementing some of it RIGHT NOW. It's not rocket science:

Pancake day

There you go! That wasn't too painful was it? Hopefully we've inspired you a little, whether that be to improve your situation at work or whether you've got some new ideas for your pancakes tonight. Whatever it is, always remember to put your happiness first. If you're hungry for more career advice, there's a lot more where this came from so brush up.

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