Behaviours Of The Modern Jobseeker

How searching for the right job is changing

hire meToday’s jobseeker is part of a tech-savvy and passionate group actively looking for lifestyle-accommodating work through social networking sites

A report commissioned in November by vertical search engine company, Simply Hired, has revealed that in a recovering economy, today’s jobseeker is actively searching for work by incorporating new job search methods, such as online social networks, to discover opportunities.  Today’s jobseeker is part of a multifaceted group of candidates who are selective in their search, yet are cautiously taking steps to remain flexible and desirable.  Jobseekers are proving they have the drive to land their perfect job.

Searching for the right job

According to surveys on, jobseekers prefer fulfilling work that accommodates their lifestyle.  In addition, jobseekers are stating new work requirements: jobseekers want more family-friendly benefits, ‘green; initiatives and a shorter commute.  But the ‘perfect’ job comes with personal fulfilment: most jobseekers state work/life balance is the most important consideration in a new job.

Becoming a desirable candidate

The results from the 2009-2010 surveys indicate that jobseekers today are working to recession-proof their careers by taking steps to become more desirable candidates for employers.  Jobseekers customise their CVs to each potential job, take classes to improve their skills and seek seasonal jobs to gain work experience.

Social media and job search

Today’s jobseekers are active and tech-savvy with over half saying they use social media for professional networking, LinkedIn being the most popular (38%).  Among those who use social media in their job search, 14% of jobseekers devote all of their time searching on social media sites, however, a stunning one out of five people polled were unfamiliar with social media sites.

Simon Lewis, co-founder and editor of specialist job board, Only Marketing Jobs, commented:

Recent economic challenges have persuaded jobseekers to become intuitive, constantly identifying new search methods.  The rise of the personal brand, accentuated through social media by the LinkedIn profile, allows jobseekers to be found, which compliments the proactive work they are doing in their own searches.  We will see a rise in developed, more sophisticated, online profiles throughout 2011.  Certainly the candidates we see looking for marketing jobs are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to their personal brand.


Highlights of the Simply Hired report include:

  • Today’s job seekers say the most important consideration when looking for a job is work-life balance (36%)
  • 37% of jobseekers have been looking for work for more than 6 months
  • 69% of job seekers are willing to take a pay cut to avoid redundancy
  • More than half of job seekers use social media sites in their job search, including Facebook (18%) and LinkedIn (31%)
  • Jobseekers spend between 6-15 hours searching for a job each week (35%)


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Source: with thanks to Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and chief executive officer

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