Five Cool Jobs In Technology That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

digital jobs [square]Careers and industries change, data transmission, software and hardware evolves, and careers are born or die out as a result. Many jobs from 100 years ago would now be laughed at, just as our descendants will no doubt chuckle when they look back at us in 2100.

But the world of technology has surely not experienced such rapid progress since the industrial revolution, and as such new sectors and job titles are constantly arriving – here’s five that couldn’t exist just a decade ago.

App designer

There are currently 1.25m apps available in the App store, and its believed as many as 60,000 are added every month. In 2013 someone, somewhere was responsible for the 50 billionth app download. Many millions of apps – some estimate up to 60% - have never been used.

App designers create the graphics and idea, while developers turn it into code. The challenge for both is to keep everything fresh and funky, and keep up with the platforms and possibilities offered. But the ideas keep coming, from an app that lets you reclaim a text message you didn’t mean to send to a Drizzy App that only lets you text using Drake lyrics.

Social media manager

Remember Justine Sacco and her 2013 tweet from hell? “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” Sacco, then a director of corporate communications at IAC, posted the message just before embarking on an 11-hour flight. By the time she landed her ill-chosen words were trending worldwide, and her career was in tatters. She has picked her life up somewhat, and she’s by no means the only person whose life was ravaged by social media: ask Emily Thornberry.

So the maintenance of a firm’s social media has never been as important, particularly on Twitter, which only came into existence in 2006. Careful planning, timing a campaign to coincide with major events such as elections or the Superbowl, and engaging with customers all need careful oversight.

3d printer engineer

3D printing is surely the future of manufacturing, which could have gigantic implications for industry and problem solving across the planet (and perhaps even further – NASA has already printed out equipment in outer space). Its application is already being felt in jewellery, medical, fashion, and automotive circles, and one can expect this reach to spread further still as the decade progresses.

The technology involved in creating a 3D printer has actually existed since the 1980s, but the first commercially available version was not created until 2009 mainly due to open source collaboration in its development. We’ve chosen engineer, but we could also have chosen designers, technicians, sales or any number of other roles involved in the application and usage of 3d printers.

Cloud services specialist

The main motivation for moving data to the still mysterious-sounding ‘cloud’ is financial, as it slices away the need to invest in hardware which would become obsolete within a year or two, saving thousands of pounds a year. Allowing remote storage of anything from an Instagram account to a ‘to-do list’ creates a flexible and 21st century solution to the digital business of today, but it’s no laughing matter if you can’t access the service or access your information. That’s where the experts come in.

Digital marketing specialist

Many age-old techniques and truths of marketing and advertising still hold true for the digital marketing specialist; you still need good ideas, you still need to identify commercial opportunities and how to seize upon them; you still need to create good content, and you still need to measure outcomes.

But the marketer of 10 years ago would not be using Google Analytics (it was released in November 2005), or Wordpress, or Hootsuite, and Inbound marketing didn’t exist as a concept. Far-reaching companies in which marketing is vital such as Justpark, Uber and didn’t exist. And there were far fewer opportunities as a result.

by Tami Briesies, a specialist business and career news writer based in Peterborough.

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