How Busy Professionals Use LinkedIn

And it’s not just to find jobs!


recent survey by marketing and digital recruitment consultancy Premier Consulting reveals that the majority of people tend to use LinkedIn in a social media context – to reconnect with old colleagues – rather than as an assured way to find a job, despite the professional networking platform’s best efforts.

And whilst it is undeniable that LinkedIn has become an important tool for many people and it can help them in their business life, as a recruitment vehicle it is no more effective than any other recruitment channel.  This may increase as people’s acceptance of it becomes more mainstream, however other business social media sites are growing in popularity and are likely to dilute its influence, especially away from LinkedIn’s main markets in the US and UK.

Other highlights from the survey include:

Nearly two thirds of people who use LinkedIn spend less than 10 minutes a day on the site Over one third of people who have set up a profile indicated that it was not representative of their skills and experience 50% of respondents said that their profile was ‘Quite Representative’ of their experience Over 65% of our sample thought LinkedIn was a ‘Useful Tool’ but only 20% thought it a ‘Vital Tool’ in their business life People use the site more often when looking for alternative employment However, only 20% of active job seekers have found a job via LinkedIn, suggesting it is no more effective than other recruitment channels (word-of-mouth, recruitment consultants, advertising etc) A Premium account on LinkedIn has no effect on how effective LinkedIn is as a tool Download the full survey by clicking the image below.


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