How to Animate Your CV

How to animate your CV

Do you want to create a CV that really makes an impact – one that will stand out and be remembered by employers who are working their way through hundreds? Most people try to do this by presenting their accomplishments, qualifications and experience more effectively – rearranging them on the page, using a different typeface, even including a picture. This will only get you so far, though. If you really want to get noticed, then you need to do something different.

This is the thinking behind the animated CV. With job applications routinely submitted electronically these days, it’s just as easy to append a short video as it is to send in a text document. Animated CVs are also great for sending to companies that are not currently hiring but that you think might be interested in what you have to offer. Although they won’t appeal to everyone and you should stick to traditional formats for really traditional places, many employers find them a welcome change. If they’re well made, then they make a really good impression.


Creating your own animation

“Wait a minute,” you may say, “I’m not an animator!” This might have mattered once, but today it’s easy – even for a complete beginner – to create animations using simple software tools. With the aid of an online animator, you can create simple figures, move them around a colourful landscape, and add captions and subtitles. You can go all out with clever infographics or keep it simple and to the point, taking prospective employers on a whistle-stop tour of your career history. Always keep them short – between a minute and a minute and a half is ideal. You want them to be watched all the way to the end.


Sending the right message

What makes animated CVs so effective is their uniqueness. Even if lots of people start using them, the flexibility of the format is such that creative intelligence will always shine through. Why not create an animated version of yourself and have it present the information that you want to get across? It’s a great way to start forging a personal connection. You can even use visual elements associated with the business to which you’re applying to show that you’ve done your research and illustrate what a good fit you’d be.


Getting the most out of your CV

If you’ve made an animated CV for general use rather than one aimed at getting a specific job, then why not put it online where employers and agencies might come across it in passing? You could add it to your website or blog, connect it to your LinkedIn page, or make it available on your YouTube channel. A really well-made animated CV can attract a lot of attention and you might start getting enquiries from companies that you never even thought of approaching, expanding your field of opportunities.


An animated CV shows creativity, dedication and skill, so build one for yourself and go beyond just telling employers what you can do – let them see it.

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