How To Combine Mobile Marketing With Speed Networking

Review of the 2nd Director’s Cut networking event for senior marketing professionals 

directorOn 22nd July 250 marketing directors met at the trendy Grange Hotel, London, to highlight once more that despite the digital age, true business development happens when people meet.       

The event was topped by Marketing Society business leader and Mobile Marketing Association marketing director, Paul Berney, offering his eulogistic take on the unstoppable rise of mobile marketing.       

Whilst enjoying complimentary refreshments, attendees were welcomed initially by Only Marketing Jobs co-founder and editor, Simon Lewis, who then passed proceedings to compère for the evening, Oli Barrett, who thanked sponsors and media partners for their involvement.  Oli then outlined the event structure, which included a brief business pitch from The Creative Village owner and producer of The Big PicturePaul Thornton-Allen;  speed networking, which encouraged contact-making via six short, sharp, personal introductions; some further structured networking and a champagne draw, which was kindly donated by email marketing software company,Emailvision.       

Here are some snippets from the evening:       

Mobile marketing conclusions

Paul BerneyPaul Berney’s lively presentation was warmly received by his audience, many of whom had registered for the event early in anticipation of leaning from Applauding Paul Berneythe highly-regarded key-note speaker.  Here’s the gist:       

  1. Mobile is about consumer acquisition, retention and brand-building
  2. Map the customer journey and all the touch points
  3. Mobile allows consumers to act at the point of impulse
  4. Mobile works best when interpreted into campaigns from the start
  5. We will all be mobile marketers
  6. The role of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is to ‘grow the industry to be bigger, at a faster rate in a responsible and sustainable manner, through collaboration’.

Attendees of the Director’s Cut II can obtain a copy of Paul’s mobile marketing presentation by       

Speed networking

Structured networkingThere is no better way to guarantee new contacts than by persuading communication.  Described by Wired Magazine as the ‘most connected man in Britain’, there is nobody better to ensure a successful networking party than Oli Barrett.  Oli’s ability to make masses mingle is astounding, and certainly his congregation at this event made the most of it.  Feedback included: “I’ve made a fistful of new contacts tonight, which I’d never have done had I been left to roam the room”; “A great way to meet new, relevant, people.  And what fun”; and “I think I may have met my next employee tonight – at the cost of a couple of beers!”Oli Barrett        

Connect with other Director’s Cut attendees and network via the UK Marketing Lounge.       

Prize draw

No Only Marketing Jobs event is complete with a champagne draw.  On this occasion the magnum winner was Nick Buckland, director of integrated design agency, Absolutely Design.  Chuffed, he most certainly was.       



The photographer for the evening was Sam Atkinson. If you’d like to hire Sam you can contact him via his website


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Simon LewisThis was the best event yet from the OMJ team, most certainly enhanced by the wonderful attendance and interactive audience.  If you’ve ever considered the benefits of offline social networking, speak with attendees of this event and make sure you sign up to the next one.  Join the UK Marketing Lounge for details on this and all other marketing industry commentary.       



If you attended the Director’s Cut II event and have something to say about it we’d appreciate your comments below.


Events like these couldn’t happen without support.  To this end we’d like to thank the following companies for their outstanding contribution and participation:       

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