How To Ensure Your Recruiter Gets You The Best Jobs In Digital

Transparency the key

625x350A recent report highlighting a shortage in digital talent punctuates a rather precarious juxtaposition in the jobs market right now, where the skilled worker, seemingly blessed with the pick of the unprecedented increase in the number of digital vacancies, is met the other end by employers hell-bent on elongating the hiring process in the misconceived view that ‘there’s better out there’ or, worse still, ‘they’ll wait’.

For third-party recruiters this predicament poses a rather dichotomous disposition and fuels the fire in the rage that bellows between jobseeker and hiring company.  The supposed arrogance presented by employers is somewhat agitating to the digital professional, naturally keen to understand their position in the less-than-skill-quenched queue.

These days agency recruiters have become multi-faceted masters of expectation management, working hard to identify the talent demanded by their clients, then toiling even further to appease that same person when the ball stops rolling once the hiring process has begun.  Nobody appreciates being left in the dark, post-interview.  But this is an increasing trend in the recruitment life cycle.

So what can be done to ensure destiny doesn’t turn to despair?

Peter ChickPeter Chick, co-founder and head of online marketing at digital recruitment specialists, Preferred Choice, says: “For us it’s all about transparency. We’ve been working in the marketing and technological digital sector for years and throughout the peaks and troughs have remained consistent to our values of honesty and clarity.  Before undertaking our new website re-brand we engaged our community of digital professionals from the start, listening to their needs and desires, to ensure we got the site right for them.  Similarly, when we speak with them about digital job opportunities we are always empathetic to their needs and follow this through with transparent feedback throughout the hiring journey.  And we expect this to be reciprocated by our candidates to ensure credibility from all parties.”

The relationship between jobseeker and recruitment consultancy hasn’t always been a happy one so it is refreshing to see a company that listens. And this is the way it should be, with both parties striving towards the same goal and a symbiotic partnership that helps bridge this current, apparent, skills gap.

Of course in this evolving digital age a company’s online presence can make a break a decision.  In the recruitment game a website needs to be reflective of the organisation’s values whilst delivering tangible returns for its users, whether jobseekers or hiring companies.  Preferred Choice’s decision to enlist the advice of its community is both uplifting and, of course, true to its values that, it seems, is helping develop that symbiotic relationship for which it is becoming renowned.

"We believe that we have achieved this with the new sleek and contemporary design of the website which includes a job search function, testimonials, professional links to all of the employees of Preferred Choice, links to our social media sites to show both our professional and personal side."

Expectation mismanagement or transparent recruitment solutions?  What’s your Preferred Choice?

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