How To Optimise Your Online Presence For The Job Search

Online Presence

If you're a jobseeker currently ploughing through the trials and tribulations of the job search, developing, optimising and maintaining a personal brand may not be at the top of the agenda. The truth is, this deserves more attention than you might think. It’s becoming more and more common for employers to check out candidates online, so what can you do for your personal brand to improve your employability?


It’s not all about LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t your personal brand. It certainly makes up one aspect of it, but you shouldn’t rely solely on this platform if you’re looking to grow your presence as a professional in your industry. Your personal brand extends much further than LinkedIn. You can manipulate an outstanding profile on LinkedIn, but if an employer lands on your Facebook page and is confronted by evidence of an erratic, party lifestyle, all your hard work will have been for nothing. If you’re unsure or feel uneasy about any of the content on your social media profiles, just delete it. Easy.


Audit your Google Presence

Have you ever Googled yourself? Do it right now. You might be shocked at what you find! It’s easy for images and pages to find their way onto Google and you need to be mindful of what’s on there. If there are images on Google that you would deem inappropriate for an employer's eyes, get them removed. Google couldn’t make this process easier and even provide you with a step-by-step guide to a cleaner Google presence.


Turn up your privacy settings

Every social media platform provides you with various options for privacy and by now, most people are aware of how to do this. You could go one step further and change your name entirely. You might have noticed that some of your ‘friends’ have chosen to do this already and it’s a really good way to protect yourself from being found so easily by prospective employers.


Post the right content

Posting relevant, accurate content is going to really help you to establish yourself as a credible professional in your industry. LinkedIn is a great platform on which to do this because it makes creating and sharing content incredibly easy. Don’t make this a chore for yourself. Write about things that you’re passionate about. If you post frequently you’ll always be front of mind for people who are looking for talent with your skill-set.


There is so much you can do to improve your online, personal brand and these points are designed to give you a starting point! If you think you've audited yourself to death, perhaps it's time to search for a new job.

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