How Your Online Activity Can Build (Or Damage) Your Personal Brand

FingerprintGuest post by Sarah Leask, senior marketing recruitment consultant, Hudson

Digital and social media is fantastic for building your personal brand.  But remember, there is no place to hide.

As a recruiter I often read through candidates’ and clients’ LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to get a better idea of who I am dealing with. In my opinion, a person’s activity is more important than the content of their profile.  What conversations are they having or starting, what groups are they a member of, who are they connecting with and what do they say when they forget that potential employers might be watching.

You can tell a lot about a person by their social (media) activity or inactivity.  Actively starting conversations, joining relevant groups, contributing to discussions and polls gives the impression that you are interested and passionate about what you do, be that your actual role, the company or sector you work for or a personal philosophy.

One would hope that if you’re being yourself online then your personality will come through.  This isn’t a bad thing but you need to remember that recruiters or potential employers will be looking for positive (and negative) indicators in your online activity.  This may be how you go about complaining to a large supermarket about bad customer service, or how you compliment a restaurant where you enjoyed a meal.


Sarah LeaskSo what impresses me as a recruiter?  Believe it or not – when someone’s actions mirror what they say or what they say their experience is.  For example, it impresses me when a Social Media Specialist actually has an interesting Twitter feed or when a Digital Marketer is active on digital platforms and up-to-date with current trends.


What social media and other online platforms do is make it very easy for recruiters and potential employers to “check” you out and see if your claims about yourself are true.  I always look out for individuals who find the balance between personal and business activity online.

My advice would be to be yourself but remember; if you wouldn’t say it in a meeting room then think twice before saying it online.

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