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OnlyMarketingJobs is constantly evolving as a brand, and with this kind of evolution comes the need for new additions to the team. This year, we have been very lucky and welcomed some real talent through our doors and one of those people is Melissa 'Morgs' Morgan. Melissa came on-board in June 2017 to work on a new product that we are offering to our direct employer customers, the Talent Finder and we thought we'd give you the opportunity to get to know her a little better and hopefully get an idea of what she can do for you! Here's her story:

I was born and raised Liverpool. When I turned 18 I faced one of the biggest decisions of my life to date. University. I now had the opportunity to live and study wherever I wanted. I visited the University of York and loved it but, when decision day came I bottled it. I thought I would miss the buzz of being in a city and around the corner from my friends and family. The University of Liverpool was my final decision. Sometimes I regret it, but I have always been told everything happens for a reason.

I had signed up to a 4 year course; Business Studies with a year in Industry. When my year long placement was approaching I was determined that this time I would move away from home. I convinced myself 'it's only a year, it would fly by'. That year came around fast and in the summer of 2014 I moved to London. It did fly by. It was the best decision I've ever made.

I loved London that much when I graduated in 2016, I moved back.

Like many graduates I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I read up on all the advice I could which is something I would seriously recommend to all grads. Similar story to many, I ended up in recruitment. It’s not for everyone (so they say) but, so far, it’s been great. I worked at a tech recruitment company for a year but, in June 2017 I was offered a job here, at I was excited to take on the new challenge of developing the Talent Finder service.

After a trip to Ibiza celebrating, I started at OMJ and my summer went by in a flash and it’s been none stop ever since.

My role offers a hybrid service to recruitment. I’m still sourcing candidates (I’m nosey, so it’s apt). I utilise various platforms and networks to increase the reach of our job adverts, directly advertising roles to selected individuals. I attend networking events. I am becoming an active member of social media channels and I even got a new nickname. ‘Morgs’ its grown on me. My role within OMJ is and will continually to evolve. It would be great to hear from you along the way. You can help influence how we work, to ensure our new bespoke, Talent Finder service helps to match job seekers with employers faster.  

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