Tweet, Like or Pin – How Marketers Use Social Media

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“Five years ago,” states Aaron Walker, managing consultant at specialist marketing recruiter, EMR, “social media was considered a bit of a fad.  It was just something used by students or backpackers to keep in touch and post pictures online.  Now it’s ingrained in our everyday lives and is as normal as going to the supermarket or pub.

There have been some high profile acquisitions within the social space – Google and YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and more recently Yahoo and Tumblr to name a few.  The amount of money changing hands for these companies highlights how important it is and how this will continue to grow.  People are using social media everywhere and businesses not recognising this are missing out on some serious opportunities.

The value of the global B2C ecommerce market was estimated to be €825 billion in 2012, with some forecasters predicting this to grow to €1.3 trillion in 2013.  The UK ecommerce market alone is valued at just under £80 million, making it the largest market in the EU and each person in the UK spending nearly £3,500 per year online.

So what are different businesses doing when it comes to social media and how easy is it to develop a career in this space?

In his recent Whitepaper, Tweet, Like or Pin, Aaron asked two industry leaders on the subject how and why they use the social channels they do and the benefits. The results are astonishing.Download the Whitepaper here


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