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About Cloudsource Recruitment

Cloudsource are a digital recruitment agency covering Marketing, eCommerce and Technical positions within digital across the UK and Europe. Our clients use us not because they can’t fill roles from other sources but because we give them access to candidate pools out of reach. We spend our days “seeking those who aren’t seeking”. The growth of social media has resulted in  star talent being more transparent than ever before, yet ironically more difficult to engage than ever before. Big data, Social Media, Inhouse and RPO all play their part in an increasing complex landscape but the one constant that technology can never replace is the human touch to inspire and engage “star talent” we believe this  is what the successful Recruiters of tomorrow will bring to their clients and we live it everyday. We love what we do and we know our market so we will be on your wavelength from the off, committed to bringing  the very best talent to your table rather than the best currently available.

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